London Honeymoon Tours

Postcard of newlywed couple, cocktail and the London Eye

London is a city of romance and the perfect destination for honeymoon couples and anyone celebrating a special anniversary.

We’ll pull out all the stops for you and your loved one. Perhaps you’d like to toast your future with champagne on the London Eye, tea at a swanky hotel, or cocktails at the Savoy. Then round the day off with a show in the fabulous West End. We can also take you on a tour of London in a luxurious Bentley (London is so twinkly and romantic by night). What a way to start married life…

Wedding present

A treat-filled tour of the capital would be a wonderful wedding present. It’s far more glamorous than a toaster, more memorable than a fondu set, and definitely more fun than a canteen of cutlery.

Anniversary present

This would be a fantastic anniversary present for your other half. Show them how much you care – and you get to enjoy the fun too!

"A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it"
John Steinbeck, American writer (1902 - 1968)
Our customers say...
"We have engaged David Stubbs of London Country Tours on each of our last three trips to Britain and continue to be delighted with his service"
William - Austin, Texas, USA
"David is an absolutely superb tour guide, with a consummate knowledge of all that London and (as far as we can tell) the rest of the United Kingdom has to offer"
Anton - Texas, USA
"David is an interesting, knowledgeable and amusing companion who provided us with a stress-free, enjoyable day from start to finish. We recommend him highly"
Tom & Susan - Chicago, USA